Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Peripheral Vision... Maintaining Accurate Perspective.

It happened in the camper.

I was standing in the kitchen. Out of the corner of my eye, in my peripheral vision- I saw a man walk past. I knew my husband was outside. The camper is a TIGHT fit. No-one could walk in without my noticing. ( I didn't have my Ipod on, and I wasn't knitting... so I was fairly observant!)

When I turned to look, I realized the MAN, was my SON.

At 16 1/2, 5'8" and over 200 lbs. He is no longer a child.
(although- he IS still a campfire- pyro;) Actually- in another 18 months- he could be one of the young men, leaving for Iraq. Amazing.

Funny, when I look straight at him, I still see the boy. I see his left hand, first finger and thumb, reach up and wiggle his eyeglasses, till they sit "just right" on his nose. They same way he has since he was 3.

When I look straight at him, I see the same crooked grin, one eyebrow raised, that means he's thinking of something JUST bad ENOUGH to say and to be funny, but not quite get in trouble. The same as he did when he was 6.

At my house, we're getting ready to make the JUMP to letting Mike (my oldest) get his drivers license. Looking straight on? I still see my little guy riding his Hotwheels Big-wheel. Out of the corner of my eye? I see a teen, who's working hard to be responsible. I see a young man, who's ready to drive on his own.

In taking a Missional approach to parenting- I'd encourage you- to ocassionally take a sideways glance at your may make it easier to minister to them, if you see them for who they really are, right now.

Dear Lord- Help me to rightly assess my kids needs, not seeing them through nostalgic eyes, or my mommy-eyes of denial of their growing up, but with eyes that see them as the true people that you are making them to be. So that I am meeting their needs- as they are now- not handing over a Big-Wheel, to a young man ready to drive. I love you Lord- and ask you to continue to grow my guys in you- amen