Friday, June 23, 2006

Mission to Mars... I mean MEN.

final day--- home we go.... 057 They don't LOOK like aliens... do they?

Well, not in this picture, but trust me, often I feel like they are just that, ALIENS. Of the outer space sort. ;)

In case you haven't noticed, I'm a Mom. That means I'm a FEMALE. I'm a girl.

Yet- I am called as a missionary- to MEN. (not ALL men-this isn't that kind of blog! I mean my own men, my 3 sons and hubby;) It's wondeful, funny and strange being a woman surrounded by men, in all phases of development. Mostly it's odd.

The oldest one- is my Husband. He lives in a world of business, and travel. He also plays VIDEO games. And Golfs, and camps.

Then there is the Oldest Son/alien- He's a "gamer" and a massive fisherman.

Next up- is the "Middle Child"- He's creative and a math whiz (if I go back to college- as I'd like- he'll be the one helping me with my homework)

Finally we have the little one. My Rockin' Roll Show, Everybody loves him, Preschooler.

All these men, each one unique, and different- and yet- from my perspective a bit strange as well- because they share certain characteristics that God implanted in each of them- long before my or their Fathers influence ever came into play!

Like- making everything into weapons. (yes- even dinner)
Leaving the Lid up. (I'm out numbered here- I say NOTHING, after 18 years, if I don't have sense enough to look before I sit, it's my own fault!)
Like gravitating toward super hero's and justice.
Like thinking burping is a second language.

We Mom's sometimes feel like our kids and spouses are as alien as any aboriginal tribe... (ok- so MINE are pretty close!) Yet- the truth is, we just need to understand.

Leaving the Lid up- Hello, if thats how you USE it. Then it makes sense. (mostly)
Making everything into weapons? and Super Hero's? Men are designed by God- to protect defend and provide. (contrary to my peac/animal loving nature!)
Burping as a second language?

Well, Ok- THAT one I don't GET. But- I can belch my name. (and pretty much anything on demand)

It isn't my job, as a Missional Mom, to convert my men... into WOMEN. It's my job to help them become the Men that God has planned for them to be, and live out before them, and example of what one (slightly crazy- but loving ) Woman is like.

I'm learning to LEARN from the natives. ;)

Dear Lord- help me to appreciate the differences between myself and my guys, help me to love them in a way that honors YOU, and who You've determined each of them to be, setting aside my own agenda- I love you Lord- amen!

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