Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Missional Mom- and my Man...My Sub "Mission" or, You were right honey.

Sub "Mission"---- just part of my Missional Mom experience.

Honestly- it can be a struggle. See- I pretty much think I know everything.

I am open to convincing... but- it takes work to do that. Debate.

There is an area of "debate" in my marriage- that has been on-going for YEARS......

It's called "The Extended Warranty". (Insert dramatic dum.dum .dum... music) My husband is a firm believer in buying the "replace and or repair warranties" I, being the "oh... nothing will go wrong- it's all good" queen, think they are a waste of money.

For years, every major purchase, renewed the debate. I finally decided- this is a stupid thing to argue about. I started buying the warranties. Usually - gritting my teeth, and thinking---"this is a waste of money."

Last December- we had a special trip planned- Mr Big Boys first trip to Disney World. We decided a faster speed Digital, would be important to catch the moments in pics. Since we already had a digital... I had a hard time spending any extra on the new one....I wanted speed- to catch that fast moving boy.... but I also wanted minimal cost.

I stood at the counter-- while the guy said----"blah blah warranty... blah blah.... "

I debated with myself. "this is such a waste- I don't want to spend an extra $50.......it's a good quality camera.. blah blah.....then I felt like the "S" word was brought to my mind. "SUBMIT." Since-- my NATURE hears SUBMIT as a challenge for a fight... I knew this must be coming from God- and not me.

I felt like I should just buy the warranty. Even though my husband wasn't physically there--- I knew it was an issue- and his preference. So, without arguing- I bought it. (ok- so ocasionally I DO Do the right thing... who'd a thunk?)

Can you guess why my blogs have been shy of pics lately??? Because- that great camera--- the one with the Leica lens at the Panasonic price??? The one- with almost no lag time between pics... and great focus?

It broke. (see the awful washed out pic??? yeah, thats what I get now.)

I made a call- the insurance company that covers the warranties--- sent out a box. I sent in the camera... It is being either- repaired or replaced. FOR FREE. (well- for that $50 bucks actually) Here's what I learned..... sometimes- I am WRONG.

SHOCKING. I know. By experience, I am learning to trust his opinions more and more often. I also trust his character. He loves me--- and isn't just about "Makin me do stuff" just to be a jerk. Granted- it's taken us 18 years to learn this stuff by experience.

There are 2 parts to a marriage...... the Bible says to women to submit..... But, it also says to men--- to be willing to lay down your LIFE. That means- we should each be seeking to serve each other. If we're working together- to lay down our agendas- and our love of control.... to do whats BEST for the other person..... that makes submission, not just possible- but healthy.

Both parts are necessary. If there is submission on a woman's part- but a man- is not willing to lay down his life for her.... then, there is potential for abuse.

If a man is willing to lay down his life.. and a woman walks all over it.... that is abuse. Hurting others- being selfish--- doesn't bring glory to God.

In the context of a loving marriage- where each part is willing to submit to God, to put the others needs above their own, TRUST develops. On both ends.

A trust, that is way bigger than the debate of "Extended Warranties"......

When I TRUST someone- I can submit to their decisions.

The longer I am married- the more I love my husband, the more I respect him, and the more I trust him... The more I trust him.... the more I can submit.

Truthfully- my husband and I are similar in most of our opinions. There aren't a lot of things where we come down to "well... we have to decide..... what are we gonna do?" we usually are in agreement.

But- ocassionally-- there are those "things"... like warranties. Where- well- I just think he's wrong. We're not talking about sin issues here--- we're talking about opinions.

The bottom line?

I'm learning to submit. (still... it's a life long process for most of us)

Then, dang!, if he wasn't RIGHT! Honestly--- I gotta wonder--- how many times have I pushed my agenda---and been wrong? How many things would be different? I don't know.

However- this I do know---- on the whole "warranty" thing?

Yeah- honey- you were right.
And so was I. Cause I chose to submit! ;)
(thats a WIN... for us both! NOT a LOSS!)

I love you. ;)

Dear Lord--- Submission...I know it is controversial.. I know it has been abused....... but heres the thing---- it's still part of what you've called me to as a wife... a "Sub" part of my Mission..... please continue to help me to understand- and to learn- how to submit..... I also ask- that you'd continue to teach my man--- how to be willing to "lay down his life" for me.... we both have our parts---- Lord- they hold their own struggles. I love you Lord- and am glad to not have to try to figure this all out on my own! I love you Lord- amen!

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