Friday, May 19, 2006

Missional Mom

Missional? Yes. A mom? Yeah.

Missional Mom? Most definitely.

From the picture you can probably surmise why. I am a Mom to 3 sons. 2 of which are teenagers (16 and 14) and one of which is a preschooler (4... so, not a preschooler for long!)

I'm also the wife of an exec. (whoopee. doesn't that sound important? it is... but, maybe not for the reasons why you may be thinking is because it's part of who my husband is, and so- is something that I care about) This is my primary mission field. The guys in my home.

As a woman.... and a SAHM.. I sometimes think they go beyond indeginous to aboriginal...let's just say men are differently "wired" than women, as are boys different from girls. (I ocassionally feel like a visiting missionary, as the belching (and worse) contests begin)

Umm... that's probably a lie. I've been "entrenched" in this culture for years, I can belch with the best of my tribe. ;)

Because these are the "Men in my life" it's my privilege to learn about them, to know them and to love them. It's also my privilege to learn from them.

I've been keeping a blog- at it is SUPPOSE to be a knitting/mothering /leadership blog. However, I've decided to add this as a purposeful place to share my adventures in Mothering, from a missional perspective.

I have been married for 18 years, a Christian for 20. A mom for almost 17. I have been involved with MOPS International for just short of the time I've been a mom. ( I serve as a Council Coordinator, helping local leaders and their groups reach the moms in their area effectively. I have worked with kids for almost 20 years, in varying capacities.

I am intentional and passionate about being a wife, and mothering. I am passionate about helping others fulfill their calling to do the same.

And dang if I don't MISS it. way too often.

I've been challenged recently, to take a look at my mothering, from a fresh perspective. The Missional perspective. I'm reading "Breaking The Missional Code" by Ed Setzer and David Putman.

In mothering- the same principles apply.

I am SENT- (called to go to my family- regardless of their movement towards me... bu not in the "stalker sense")

In order to effectively reach my mission field, I must :

1) Know (their styles and unique make-up, culturally, socially, emotionally and spiritually) to whom I am called- my family- and women and children in particular.

2) Speak , teach and relate to those I am called to reach, in a way that they can understand, authentically and with great love.

Being a "Missional Mom" is a journey. It won't end, but, it will always be changing. This blog is a scrapbook of that journey. My goal is to challenge others to engage in the mission that they are called to, and to share the hope and joy I'm finding in mine. To figure out together, how to break the Missional Code in Mothering.

Although, honestly, sometimes I suck at the whole thing.

Sometimes, I am so entrenched in my own "Mom world" that I miss what's happening in theirs. That makes me disconnected. Disconnection asphixiates relationships, like losing compression in an aircraft.. ya just can't BREATHE. Sometimes the disconnects are comical... sometimes, not so much.

Recently, while zipping along- my highschooler was talking about a group he knows "Cold Play" My Christian mom land culture entrenchment got the best of me....I pretty much listened to him without hearing a thing he said.


Because.. somewhere in my clueless brain, "Cold Play" sounded like a "rap" group. I don't LIKE rap. I probably have an attitude about it actually. (OK, so I know I do and don't like to admit it.)

Later I felt bad- because of my tune out, that was sooooo based on unfounded assumption, that I went to I Tunes and downloaded some Cold Play, just to see what was up. Ummmmmmm it's NOT rap. Actually, I liked it, kind of in a U2 type of way.

As a mom, I gotta know my guys "culture" that doesn't mean I have to be the coolest mom on the block... duh, thats NOT gonna happen. But it does mean, I need to be intentional. Open. Listening and authentically caring about and involved in the world they live in.

So here we go, embarking on a Missional Mom's Journey, together.

How are you doing as a Mom? A wife? A woman?

Do you know the culture you've been called to?

Do you know what they care about? Do you know their loves and hates?

Do you speak their language?

Your "mission field" may differ from mine, maybe you have girls, maybe you're single, maybe you're kids are in college. This isn't about us BEING the same, it's about us SEEKING the same end, to go to our families and minister to them, where they are at, and to help each other along the way.

Sounds like church to me.

"Dear Lord, I pray that you'd help me to better love my family. I pray for your wisdom and guidance in helping others to do the same, I love you Lord amen."

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Vicki Sue said...

One of my favorite pictures of all times, Tracey, is that little boy standing there. Thanks for sharing him with us. I love you.